Company Overview

Coagulation Sciences is a blood-testing innovator that has developed a Transfusion Management System to scientifically manage blood transfusions at the patient’s point-of-care.  Coagulation Sciences’ system will improve the outcome for patients who are bleeding, while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs.

Our Story

Coagulation Sciences was formed by Dr. Sheldon Goldstein in response to the need for technology to diagnose and treat major bleeding in the operating room.  Dr. Goldstein envisioned a new way to improve the care of patients with major bleeding by applying innovative science at their bedside during surgery (Point-of-Care).  Coagulation Sciences will bring to market the Multiple Coagulation Test System (MCTS™). This technology will take the guesswork out of transfusion management, by performing evidence-based coagulation testing that is personalized for each individual patient.  Coagulation Sciences is bringing Dr. Goldstein’s vision to commercialization for the benefit of patients, their doctors, and hospitals worldwide.

Transfusion Facts

  • One in ten hospitalized patients receives a blood transfusion.
  • Most patients receive several units of blood.
  • Blood tests to determine whether blood transfusions are needed are often non-specific or too slow to inform transfusion decisions.
  • The result is that at least 40% of blood transfusions are unnecessary.
  • Unnecessary blood transfusions increase the risk to patients and waste billions of dollars annually in healthcare costs.

The MCTS Solution

Coagulation Sciences’ Multiple Coagulation Test System

Coagulation Sciences has developed the first medical device to enable caregivers to perform rapid point-of-care analyses of blood clotting during critical procedures that will aid physicians in the selection of treatment to arrest major bleeding.  Branded the Multiple Coagulation Test System (MCTS™), this desktop device will:

  • Automatically perform 12 blood tests simultaneously for up to 5 blood and coagulation therapies
  • Performed fully automated testing using a single-use disposable Blood Testing Cartridge
  • Assess the ability of a low-dose and high-dose of multiple treatments to stop major bleeding
  • Provide actionable results in approximately 10 minutes


Targeted therapy to restore normal clotting will result in less bleeding and fewer transfusions. Beneficiaries include:

  • Patients: for whom MCTS testing will minimize risks of blood transfusion
  • Hospitals: for whom rapid control of bleeding translates into lower blood bank and operating room costs
  • Insurers: for whom fewer complications result in decreased health-care costs