Science Advisors

The Company’s Scientific Advisors are experts in pathology, blood banking transfusion medicine, and anesthesiology. Past and current Advisors’ work experience includes leadership positions at The Cleveland Clinic, Duke University, New York University, University of North Carolina, University of Miami, the University of Rochester and Virginia Commonwealth University, and the University of Florida-Gainsville.

Maureane R. Hoffman, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Hoffman is a tenured Professor of Pathology at Duke, and Director of the Hematology, Transfusion Service, and Clinical Chemistry Laboratories at the Durham VA Medical Center.  Dr. Hoffman’s research focuses on the role of cellular features in controlling hemostasis and thrombosis. Her work in collaboration with Dr. Harold Roberts and others has led to the development of an in-vitro cell-based model that mimics many aspects of hemostasis in-vivo.  She has authored or co-authored over 115 journal articles and has lectured extensively on the laboratory aspects of coagulation.

Mark Lifshitz, M.D. Dr. Lifshitz serves as Clinical Professor Pathology, Director of Cancer Center Laboratories, and Assistant Director of Clinical Laboratories at the New York University Medical Center. He is a leading expert on blood bank management and medical equipment, with four books and 14 book chapters published on these topics. His 80 published articles focus on medical equipment and devices, particularly blood analyzers.

Kandice Kottke-Marchant, M.D., Ph.D.  Dr. Kottke-Marchant is the former Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Institute, and former Chair and Section Head of Hemostasis and Thrombosis in the Clinical Pathology Department at Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio.  Dr. Kottke-Marchant has served as President of the International Society for Laboratory Hematology, a member of the Coagulation Resource Committee of the College of American Pathologists, and a member of the hematology testing committee of the American Board of Pathology. She is the author and co-author of over 250 articles, abstracts, and book chapters.  She is the editor of the textbook An Algorithmic Approach to Hemostasis Testing.

Bruce Davis Spiess, M.D.  Dr. Spiess is a former Associate Chair and Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Florida -Gainesville, Adjunct Full Professor, Department of Medicine – Hematology, and Adjunct Full Professor, Department of Physiology at the University of Florida – Gainesville. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management. He has also served on multiple committees related to trauma, transfusion, and oxygen therapeutics for the FDA, DOD, NIH, and BARDA. Dr. Spiess has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles regarding transfusion, adverse outcomes of transfusion, and patient blood management, and is a world leader in research related to blood substitutes/oxygen therapeutics. Dr. Spiess served as director of the transfusion committee at Virginia Commonwealth University and served on the transfusion committee at the University of Florida – Gainesville. Dr. Spiess has received over $11M in funding from various institutions including the DOD, NIH, US Army, and US Navy to perform research related to trauma, coagulopathy, transfusion, and blood substitutes/oxygen therapeutics.