Coagulation Sciences’ Multiple Coagulation Test System

Coagulation Sciences has developed the first medical device to enable caregivers to perform rapid point-of-care analyses of blood clotting during critical procedures that will access the efficacy of multiple treatments.  Branded the Multiple Coagulation Test System (‘MCTS’TM), this desktop device will:

  • Automatically perform 18 blood tests simultaneously for up to 8 blood and coagulation therapies
  • Perform fully automated testing using a single-use disposable Blood Testing Cartridge
  • Provide actionable results in less than 15 minutes, at the patient’s bedside

MCTS™ Benefits

The MCTS will rapidly determine the optimal therapy to arrest hemorrhage, at the point-of-care. This will improve patient safety by minimizing, or eliminating, unnecessary blood transfusions and their associated risks. The science underlying the Multiple Coagulation Test System represents the marriage of personalized medicine, evidence-based medicine and Transfusion Management. The result is that individualized therapy will optimize each patient’s blood clotting system. MCTS-guided transfusion will replace protocols designed for general populations with optimal transfusion decisions for each patient’s unique blood disorder.